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Electrical Services in Southeastern Saskatchewan

Prairie Lightning Electric of Weyburn provides a number of electrical services to those throughout southern Saskatchewan. Check out what you require for your next project, we offer the contracting expertise and handiwork to get the job done.

Line Locating

We are available for comprehensive line locating for your underground utilities such gas, water, telecommunications, and sewer. Our team will meet you where you need us, inspect the area, and mark the areas that will require digging. Line locating is critical if you are working on renovations, repairs, replacements, and similar projects.

Underground Trenching

To create the underground space for cables, pipes, and other systems, we offer top trenching services that provide a clear starting point for construction. Trenching excavates the site according to the proper location of the system, as well as any requirements that will ensure safety and efficiency at all times.


Hydrovac services utilize water to excavate or move earthy and other materials in a more controlled, thorough manner. Your construction operations will benefit from our efficient, high powered and clean hydrovac system. Our equipment is entirely mobile, which provides optimal convenience wherever you need this type of excavation completed.

Aerial Trucks

Our Aerial trucks are available for any type of construction project you need us for. These trucks have a bucket that lifts us up to work on overhead lines and lights.

Oilfield Services

For service and maintenance on drilling and service rigs in the oilfield, look no further! We provide complete oilfield services that include general maintenance and wiring of oil wells. Rely on the professionals at Prairie Lightning Electric.

Commercial Services

We provide comprehensive commercial services that include general maintenance, wiring, and more! Whether you require work on new construction or existing buildings, you can depend on Prairie Lightning Electric to get the job done.

For more information about any of the above services, be sure to get in touch with us at Prairie Lightning Electric today.

Directional Boring

Prairie Lightning Electric provides comprehensive directional boring to properly make way for electrical lines and other wiring. We work around varying obstacles within the earth and ensure your system is installed as efficiently as possible, starting with specialized boring services.


The new crop year is approaching and it is time to talk about your current and future power needs. Were you short on power for your drying needs and are you looking to upgrade to a 400 amp, 600 amp, 800 amp service or larger. We travel all over southern sask to help you out. We can even help you with your Sask Power application to get prepared. It is important to get your application in quickly for your electrical upgrade. We will meet you on your farm and work with you to custom design your electrical and aeration needs. Call us today for your free consultation. You can count on us for our extensive experience in this area



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